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Elevate decision-making through AI Agents and Intelligent insights. Easily.

The AI revolution has created an unprecedented set of opportunities for every business. However, most of the current solutions provide non-actionable value. Unleashing and benefiting from AI’s power is still a challenge.We unlock the power of AI for every business so that they can benefit from it, immediately and easily.



Actionable insights

We provide options and actionable insights, from knowledge you already have and from any available sources.
The benefit for you is you can take action right away, transforming AI into an asset you're leveraging.


Easy to use and accessible

We create a super-accessible, extremely easy-to-use access to the real power of AI.
The benefit for you is you can get value right away, autonomously, without the need for a full team of developers.


Powerful decisions

High-quality results

We are generating meaningful insights and options for your business, based on information you already have, with new sources of relevant data.
The benefit for you is that you can now unlock and enrich your decisions thanks to powerful and high-quality insights and new, until now, unseen options and opportunities.


Adaptable, autonomous agents

We create and run AI Agents that are smart and configurable to every possible context.
The benefit for you is that you get high-quality results that fit your context, constraints, and data.


Our team of experts

Francis Dion CEO

Ben Clayton
Director of Operations

Ash Aly
Director of Innovation

Shimon Waldfogel

Ren Fitch

Chris Cooper

Paul Shay

Patricia Girard

Robi Guha

Alex Nomerto

Priya Bains

Start leveraging AI to make better decisions.

Do you want to leverage AI but don't know where to start? Do you have ideas and projects in mind but are unsure of how to execute them? Reach out to unlock optimal decision-making potential for your business.

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